Centre makes YOU the center of Attention. Centre can do what the others can’t!

CENTRE – is the first International network Ukrainian National agencies. Founded in 1995 advertising group CENTRE is a first generation of advertising agencies in Ukraine.

CENTRE – is an International information agency and one-stop advertising group which covers the entire spectrum of advertising services.

CENTRE – is a member of: American Chamber of Commerce/Ukraine—European Business Association— The Advertising Coalition—Ukrainian Association of Periodical Publishers.

Advertising Philosophy. Creativity is a force that can not only change the behavior of a person, it can change the world. This is what we mean by the philosophy of our company.

The most important thing for us is people and their behavior. Therefore, working with the brand, we always answer the question: what does it bring to people, for what it exists? A brand that is not filled with meaning, runs the risk of being misunderstood, which means it is not accepted. We dream of being the best creators of ideas that give a response in the heart of every person. And we believe that our creative approach will help change people's behavior and make their life better.


We pay much attention to understanding the client, his thoughts and desires. This helps to find a harmonious solution between the originality and functionality of our advertising.

Working with brands, we strive to fill them with meaning and values ​​that people understand. Becoming a part of people's lives, brands must create useful for them, entertain, give new experience, evoke emotions. Therefore, creativity, original and captivating ideas are more important than ever. Customers share this approach to work and trust us with their brands. We want our creativity to become more effective from year to year and help to solve business problems of clients.

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