The choice of the main idea of advertisement

The first step: to look for an idea. The creative process begins when we receive clearly formulated client request. After that we do a marketing research and brainstorm, in order to come up with some sucessful ideas. All information is carefully analysed by our creative managers and than, all ideas are formed into only one that will fully match the task.


Creation of text and concept

The second step: The textual basis of the advertising message.It states the most important features of the product, that is being advertised. It is not always a good idea to write a long text, instead of a short, but catchy one. The size of the text in the ad depends on it’s purpose, for example to capture attention of a potential client.


The choice of graphic solution

The third stage: the preparation of the final advertising layout. This stage is one of the most important in the work on advertisement, because it combines all elements of the advertisement. Text, its font, colour and size, graphics in the form of drawings or illustrations- everything should stand out and draw attention to the product. At this stage, the general view and form of the project is defined and a final layout is created, which goes into production.

If you talk about advertising, it's bad advertising.
If you talk about the product, it's a good advertisement.
/David MacKenzie Ogilvy/
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